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It’s 2008 and the stench of xenophobia hangs over the streets of Johannesburg. Haunted by a childhood memory in the soft, silent swathes of Durban’s sugar cane fields, Aben (Lamar Bonomme), an Indian South African, runs his restaurant in the predominantly Muslim-Indian community of Fordsburg. From across the road, Tariq (Jesse Dullabh), a Pakistani immigrant, scrapes a living from his mobile cart, selling freshly ground sugar cane drinks. As Tariq’s presence begins to infiltrate Aben’s world, an undercurrent of unspoken, sexual confidence builds across the distance that separates them. But that distance is soon shattered.


Educational / Institutional DVDs come with a supplemental booklet that includes a scholarly essay about the film by Haseenah Ebrahim and still photographic work from director Jordache Ellapen.

Cane/Cain Institutional Copy

  • Educational / Institutional copies of the film may be used for educational and non-commercial purposes only. You may screen it publicly within your institution but you may not charge admission, distribute the film, or resell the film or disc in any way.

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