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16mm Etching & Digital Manipulation Workshop

As film and video become ever more polarized, the 16mm Etching and Digital Manipulation Workshop — which debuted at the New Orleans Film Festival in October 2015 — is a two-session film production class that aims to help filmmakers to see a bridge that crosses between mediums, encouraging a workflow that combines film and video to create innovative, abstract works.

In Part One, participants learn how to make moving images by etching into unexposed 16mm film. We experiment with different tools and approaches to etching and will explore the ability to create sound by hand by etching into the optical audio section of the 16mm emulsion, something that is impossible in an exclusively digital workflow.

In Part Two of the workshop, participants use the material created during part one to explore the digital manipulation of handmade films, including the manipulation of both the image and audio tracks. Different editing stations are set up for participants to use, allowing them to examine, enlarge, alter, and create in a way that is impossible in an exclusively film-based workflow.

This is a great, hands-on workshop that is easily added to any film festival program or school event as a way to get people thinking about how traditional film and digital workflows inform and transform each other.

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