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 Playland is a boundary-pushing, transdisciplinary, hybrid film centered around the raucous activity of a time-bending night in Boston’s oldest and most notorious gay bar, the Playland Café.

Told through the perspective of the club’s staff -- and specifically the queer women who ran the bar --
Playland plops the camera in the middle of the club as it opens for the night. There is a basis of understanding, a shared language, endlessly rich nonverbal exchanges. This film is what it feels like to be part of the magic trick that makes a simple gay bar -- with its tinsel curtain and worn-out booths -- into a playland every weekend.


Written and Directed by Georden West

Produced by Russell Sheaffer, Hannah McSwiggen, and Danielle Cooper


Starring Danielle Cooper, Lady Bunny, Kelly Mittendorf, Maine Anders, Aidan Dick, Miranda Quinn, José Lapaz-Rodrigues, Gatekeeper Adrian Elim, Dr. Constance Cooper, and Sprat


Read more about the film via WBUR, Boston's NPR affiliate.