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Acetate Diary



Light, color, and sound are the ingredients of Acetate Diary a handmade, camera-less film on 16mm that is at once a document of serious bodily trauma and a beautiful series of abstract patterns.

Swarming with color and sound, Acetate Diary is a literal diary -- a series of words and drawings written after experimental filmmaker Russell Sheaffer received a particularly difficult medical diagnosis. Scrawled across the visual and optical audio tracks of 100 feet of 16mm film, Acetate Diary uses film stock as both a writing and projectable surface by which to simultaneously air and abstract its maker's internal emotional state.

Directed by Russell Sheaffer

Runtime: 4 minutes

Part of The Acetate Diary Tetralogy (including Blood on the Window, Broken Jaw, the eponymous Acetate Diary, and On Surgery) which delves into the fragility of both body and memory.
Created with funding from Indiana University’s College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Communication and Culture, Film and Media Studies Program, Office of the Vice President for Research: New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Grant, and IU Cinema.
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